About Al-Ihsan Projects

Al-Ihsan Projects is a non-profit grassroots organisation which has been established to benefit the Slough community. Al-Ihsan Projects strives to provide a rich variety of lectures and short courses on central religious topics. Our aim is to inspire the Muslim community to develop a deep and profound relationship with Allah azza wa jal and His beloved Messenger ‘alaihi al-salaam. Al-Ihsan Projects prides itself in bringing a multitude of Scholars from different backgrounds in the hope of creating a true spirit of tolerance and unity. We pray that everyone is able to take benefit from the events and courses that are on offer and share in our vision for a better future.

Latest Events


Where there is Hardship, there is also Ease.

In February’15, Al-Ihsan Projects were privileged to host world renowned speaker Shaykh Navaid Aziz from Canada, on his first ever visit to Slough! This was a brilliant opportunity to utilise both the Shaykh’s unique character and warm persona, to deliver a lecture on really important but often neglected subjects such as depression, pessimism and losing…


My Mother, My Father, My key to Jannah.

  On the 13th of January, Al-Ihsan Projects welcomed three esteemed speakers to one of our new Mosques in Slough, Masjid Al-Jannah. They were asked to speak on the subject of loving and respecting our parents; providing the audience with an essential and critical reminder of the prominence that parents hold in an individual’s life….


Share a smile fundraiser

In July 2014 Al-Ihsan Projects took on an initiative to raise funds for the sick/injured children at the Children’s Ward in Wexham Park Hospital. The highly successful initiative culminated of three sisters from Al-Ihsan Projects paying a surprise visit to the ward and delivering toys to the delight of the children!     See Heatherwood…